Smart Cities

GIS is not just about the production of maps and X/Y coordinates. One of the latest technologies made available to support the building of smart cities is geospatial technology. GIS needs to be deployed at every stage of planning and development of a Smart City. Smart Cities are undoubtedly the future of urban habitation and various governments have started preparing the roadmap for developing existing cities.

To create a smart city a GIS should be deployed and referred to at every stage of the planning and strategic development of a smart city. The GIS should operate throughout all stages of the project life cycle from modelling, planning, analysing, building and managing.

Our Services for Smart Cities:

  • Preparation of Basemap for Urban Planning
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • LiDAR Survey
  • 360° panoramic video mapping
  • Street view generation
  • 3D City modelling
  • GIS based Asset & Network Data Collection
  • Corridor / Route Survey and Mapping
  • Pavement Condition Survey
  • Pavement analysis, identifying building encroachments