Our GeoSpatial Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become a powerful tool for local governments, utility companies, and private organizations.

GIS can effectively communicate, incorporate and overlay all types of spatial and non-spatial data in a desktop, web, or mobile hardware environment. Information can be obtained from a range of sources and analysed in order to identify and extract geographic trends and relationships that would otherwise be difficult to visualise.

GIS data constitutes geological data, data from maps, topographical information, and information derived from satellite images and other aerial platforms. The crucial elements and dependability of Geospatial data centers in the accuracy of the GIS data made available.

We have assembled a team of experienced GIS specialists that have a long history of experience in their specialized fields.

Our GIS services range from field data gathering, research, integration of various spatial data to GIS analyses, thematic mapping and application development.

We also offer consulting services to support applications in Transportation, Urban & Regional Planning, Disaster Management, Infrastructure Development and Environmental Studies.

Our GIS Data Collection Techniques

  • UAV Technology (Drone)
  • LiDAR system
  • 360 degree Video Mapping
  • Mobile device/smartphones
  • DGPS / Electronic Total Station
  • Handheld GPS units