Land Records / Cadastral

The word ‘cadastral’ is the adjective of the word ‘cadastre’ which means a public records of the extent, value and ownership of land for purposes of taxation. Cadastre is a technical term for set of records showing the extent, value and ownership (or other basis for use or occupancy) of land. Strictly speaking, a cadastre is a record of areas and values of land and of landholders that originally was compiled for purposes of taxation.

Most of India’s villages (about 6.4 lakhs) were surveyed and corresponding village (cadastral) maps were prepared during late 19th century and early 20th century. Department of Land Resources, Govt. of India has been entrusted with the task of implementation of the centrally sponsored scheme called National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP), which has been rechristened as Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP). GeoVista’s services include :

Our Services :

  • Digitization of Cadastral Maps
  • Computerization of Land Records
  • Cadastral/Land Records Survey using ETS and DPGS
  • Establishment of Ground Control Points (GCP)
  • Cadastral/Land Records Survey using Aerial Photographs
  • Measurement of Individual/Multi-storied properties