Network Survey Vehicle (NSV)

Road Inventory and Road Condition is major issue is India. We use Network Survey Vehicle for complete road analysis and Road condition and Payment analysis in defining true condition of road network.

Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) mounted with equipment such as Laser based automatic crack detection, high resolution digital cameras for RoW and surface pavement defects, high accuracy DGPS receiver and in vehicle data processing software to accurately measure pavement surface properties such as cracking, potholes, ravelling, rutting and roughness.

Technologies used in NSV system

  • Laser based automatic crack detection
  • High resolution digital camera for 3600 imagery
  • Record images at user-defined intervals
  • DGPS receiver
  • Survey at Highway speed
  • Vehicle data processing software


Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) Services 

We use Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) technology in following services

  • Longitudinal profiling (International Roughness Index)
  • Transverse profiling (Rut Depth)
  • Pavement Condition Survey
  • Road Geometry Data (cross slope, gradient, curvature)
  • GPS coordinates (X, Y, Z) viz. longitude, latitude & altitude
  • Video imaging for Roadside furniture / Road Assets
  • Video imaging for Pavement Surface Distresses
  • Location Referencing – linear and spatial
  • Road Inventory – including pavements, shoulders and side drains
  • Road Condition – including pavements, shoulders and side drains
  • Roughness Survey
  • Pavement Structural Assessment