LiDAR/UAV Data Processing

Drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool for Survey and Mapping in 21st Century. Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Drones is considered an efficient tool for mapping and monitoring of transportation, corridors, projects etc. GeoVista carries out UAV based Data capture and Analysis services for various fields. Our UAV drone surveying services provide greater versatility for our Surveying & Mapping Services and give us more ways to collect highly accurate data for preparing reports, analyses and mapping.

LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging), a new technology in the field of topographical data collection with high speed, high density and accurate data. LIDAR scanning can occur day or night, as long as clear flying conditions are present; also have the capability to capture intensity reflectance data in addition to the x-y-z coordinates.

Our Services

  • Terrestrial LiDAR Survey
  • Ortho Rectification
  • 2D/3D Feature Extraction
  • 3D Video Production
  • Generate DEM/DTM and DSM
  • Ortho generation & Contour generation