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Comprehensive Road, Rail, Video, Cadastral, Navigation, Underground and Irrigation survey and GIS solutions.

Services / IndustriesGeoVista has identified the following Industry verticals as focus areas:

    1. 360° Video Mapping

    • For City Municipalities for Reconnaissance survey and identifying building encroachments, illegal hoardings, road widening plans, etc.
    • Advertising – ad visibility research and planning
    • PoI mapping for Navigational maps and Video Navigation
    • Google Business Photos: Google panoramic interior walk-throughs for businesses. More info.

    2. Cadastral Surveys

    • Ground control survey (primary, secondary and tertiary)
    • Ground control point monumentation
    • Index mapping
    • Demarcation
    • Enquiry
    • Measurement of properties using TS

    3. Irrigation surveys

    • Topographical mapping of tanks, canals, water bodies
    • Contour mapping
    • Generation of memoirs of tanks, canals and water bodies
    • Index mapping of water bodies

    4. Utility Surveys

    • Ground control survey
    • Asset & Network Data Collection
    • Corridor survey
    • Landbase Mapping
    • Attribute Data collection

    5. Underground Surveys (Utility)

    • Underground Utility Network Mapping
    • Attribute Data Collection

    6. Asset Data collection for Road Networks

    • Roadside Asset Mapping
    • Road Condition Profiling
    • Corridor Mapping

    7. Asset Mapping for Railways

    • Asset Mapping
    • Track Condition Mapping

    8. Data Conversion/Conflation

GeoVista can also provide customized data solutions in areas not clearly covered by the above areas.

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News and Events
Major happenings at GeoVista.in

Dec 2013

GeoVista becomes a Google trusted agency
GeoVista is now a Google partner for Google Business Photos. Click here for more information.

15 Aug 2011

We have moved!
GeoVista is moving to a brand new, spacious and modern facility in the heart of Hyderabad. Check out our new address in the Contact page

14 Jan 2011

YourStory.in covers GeoVista
Read the interview of the founders here.

10 Jan 2011

Major Power Projects
GeoVista has won 2 major Power projects as part of National Schemes.

GeoVista is executing the end-to-end urban utility and consumer survey and mapping project as part of the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Project (R-APDRP).

GeoVista is also executing end-to-end utility and consumer survey and mapping project as part of the Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) project.

10 July 2010
Site redesign
A major website redesign has been deployed.